Katherine Onk
Jun 3, 2018 · 2 min read

7 second resume? Show me your Tangrams.

Articulating the value you can bring to an organization is hard, getting their attention in the first place to hear you articulate it is even harder.

1 page resume? 2 page…3 page, floor? The analyst in me wondered what all the words on my resume even mean, if I aggregated them what would they look like? To the recruiters and hiring managers on the receiving end of my resume, how can they look at Kate via my resume and get a clear picture? I decided to drop the resume idea for a minute, and think of myself as a product.

What does Kate as a Product (KaaP) look like? Do I fit into a box? What is my story?

Tangrams came to mind.

When I think of a resume, the first thing that comes to mind is biases. Biases to alma maters, years of experience, past companies, etc. I believe this provides a quick summary of skills that allows the end user to understand at a high level the end result of someone’s experience.

My story looks like this:

I invite you to please share your story with #ShowMeYourTangrams (LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter) — I’d love to see how you summarize your life experience. Layout your foundation, Show Me Your Tangrams.

As I develop these ideas further I’ll continue to share them with those of you who are interested, this is just the foundation. What are ideas if they never scale?

I appreciate the time you spent reading this, thank you.


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