Dear College . . . We’re Breaking Up

Four years is a long time for any relationship. Some could argue they were the richest years of my life. I learned who I am and who I am not, thanks to you.

You live an eclectic existence: I experienced things with you that I’ll never get the opportunity to again. You showed me that building forts in your 20's is completely acceptable. You challenged me to direct my first film. You made me laugh and cry. You shared your friends with me — people I think I’ll know for a long time.

But it wasn’t all butterflies and rainbows. You kept me up until four in the morning half the time. I remember screaming at you because your expectations were sometimes ridiculous. I worked hard to fit your molds, but your rules weren’t always fair and sometimes too controlling. You said your goal was to make me better. But maybe you should have let me make you better too.

I know you saw this coming. I’ve been preparing to move out for a while. But I don’t want you to think I only stayed to take from you. I invested a lot in you for what you gave me. I poured hours into building your reputation, to showing others how fantastic you are, and to challenging you to be better for whoever is with you next.

I’ll remember you fondly. I’m stronger because of what you put me through. You taught me to look at the world differently. So thank you for everything you’ve given me, but it’s time for both of us to move on.


A Graduate