I didn’t state that people who don’t have kids aren’t entitled to their opinions.
Kimberly Harrington

Are you a teacher? If not, then by your logic you can’t say that watching kids as a teacher is completely different from watching kids as a parent. I’m not talking about raising kids, I’m talking about watching them. And babysitting a child from a month is, I would argue, essentially acting as a parent for a month. If not, please specify the amount of time required before you’re allowed to have an opinion.

You also dismissed the leash idea, but still didn’t explain why that’s so preposterous given that apparently children are so unpredictable and uncontrollable. If it’s unreasonable to expect a parent to be able to watch their children at all times while out in public why not make it easier, especially in crowded places where it’s easy to get lost? It’s somehow better to just assume that every venue is child-proof?

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