And SO many parents are not.
Kimberly Harrington

She’s in the white hot glare because she messed up, and lots of people are upset that HER NEGLIGENCE cost a gorilla his LIFE. But you defend her, and probably because you empathize because you’re one of those parents that knows deep down that you’re not doing the best you could. If we’re only supposed to have opinions about events we experienced first-hand then maybe we should all stop judging Hitler too since, you know, we weren’t there.

I’m not the one sending the lady death threats, nor did I ever even suggest she should die, so I’m not sure why you would mention that. Saying that she should be held accountable is very different from saying she should die. Hyperbolic much?

This seems difficult for you to understand, but many people are fed up with the mommy mafia that think that they have the right to let their monsters run amok and get all riled up when people dare suggest otherwise. Any teacher will tell you that most parents these days have an attitude that they are unassailable. We fetishize motherhood in particular, and now all mothers feel that they are the gatekeepers of some ultimate knowledge, just like you attack my ability to understand what it means to be a parent because no matter how much time I spend with children it’s not the same. When doctors make mistakes there are consequences; why is it preposterous to assume that parents should be given the same treatment? After all, unless you’re a doctor you don’t know what it’s like.

And yes, her lack of remorse and failure to publicly accept any responsibility is going to cause more people to judge her more harshly.

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