5 tips for successfully empowering your remote intern
Zoë Björnson

So true! I haven’t managed an intern remotely, but even when it came to hiring them for myself in-person, I think the same advice is true.

Because I was a teacher previously and my then-boss gave me free rein to find my own intern, I decided to create a little “assignment” as part of the application process. I made some sample invoices and expenses, and asked them to create a google sheet for me showing what the current project expenses were based on my theoretical budget.

I didn’t care as much if they got the numbers right, but it was so helpful to see how they organized the data, if they used formulas at all or input numbers by hand, etc.

It also gave us something to discuss in the interview and gave them a helpful insight to what being a production intern would really entail.

One of the interns I hired is now a full-time studio producer, two years later, so I think the process likely did help both of us maximize her time as an intern and use it productively towards her career goals.

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