Is Keene, NH an attractive place to live for white supremacists?
Ksenia K

This is the kind of thing I think we white Americans need to be thinking about, asking ourselves:

What is it about our communities & our beliefs & our behaviors that have fostered this reality we live in? That have ignored, supported, failed to condemn these biases and prejudices?

It’s not, let’s just go “punch nazis!”

I understand the desire to lash out against what we see or believe is evil, but that’s just indulging animal nature, violence against people who feel differently is what the nazis/alt right are all about, and it doesn’t lead to any productive result.

It’s more uncomfortable to think, question, learn, and reflect — to confront ourselves and our peers — than to lash out against the people who embody the threats, but it’s what we’ve got to do. Especially the we that is white America.

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