Highlights mean your content resonates with readers, providing a unique look at what’s working, in context — which helps writers understand the why.
Medium, by the Numbers
Chris Jones

What patterns did you notice around whether highlights happened for quotes you emphasized (like this one) in a pull-out format or solo paragraph vs. highlights of fragments/sentences within paragraphs.

I think that would be really interesting too — to see whether we are good at gauging what quotes are going to be popular as we write (though it’s also hard to separate from whether readers highlight things that look like they *should* be highlighted), or if sometimes people start highlighting a sentence/fragment that resonated that was part of a broader concept or a bigger thought.

Also, it was funny to see that someone else had pulled the data into a spreadsheet of their own — I just did that the other day because I wanted to get some totals of essays separately from the timeframe area at the top. I’ve got to figure out how I want to organize it so I can also see growth for posts when I bring in new data — how quickly different posts get more views, which ones continue to reach audiences even months (or years) after I posted them, etc.

I do wish Medium Staff made exports of stats possible & also showed some other relevant information in the stats section. I tweeted at them the other day to ask for the ability to click the views on any given date & see which posts comprise that number (so if it says June 20 has 346 views, which posts are being viewed?). TBD if that becomes a feature, but I certainly appreciate any updates and additions on this front!

Thanks for sharing your analysis :) I’m inspired to go back through and work on mine more.