It’s dawn, midweek in New York City. The sounds of people starting their days echo through the soon to be congested streets. I sit in bed. I’ve had my fill of various entertainment, had a good conversation with a good friend who is too far away for comfort, and now I am here.

These days, my life has been a series of backwards sleeping patterns and midnight rage fueled social media sessions, accomplishing nothing. I find myself feeling impotent, as I’m sure so many do right now. Our country is going through the worst case scenario that a lot of us can fathom and there doesn’t seem to be an exit. Do I just bury my head in the day to day mundane and try to stop caring for the sake of my sanity? No. These things will happen whether I’m conscious of them or not. I want to stay vigilant. I want to speak up and fight for the issues that continue to come up, but I feel like I’m echoing the sentiments that have already been said by millions of others that continue to go unheard.

I’m rambling, as one does at this time of day after being awake all night. You know what I’m trying to say. I love the people of this country and their well being is more of a priority to me than it is for the president. That’s fucking sad.

But I suppose it’s something we need to get used to.

Be kind to each other, it may be the only kindness some of us see for a while.