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We’re nearing the end, but there are no hard feelings. All my feelings are soft; they float past me like tendrils of blue and pale gray smoke, swirling through the air around my feet like water in a shallow stream.

Each colored curl carries a small memory: a smile across a kitchen counter top, a whispered name, a snort of laughter, a reluctant hand pulling me to a stop.

They first appeared during my last week — the first time I did everything for the last time — pulsing around the washing machine while I did my last load of…

Photo by ActionVance on Unsplash

Earth is wearing her favorite blue coat;

Swaddled in shimmering oxygen,

The latest intergalactic fashion.

But, her wrap wears thinner with each gay twirl.

Threadbare holes in her pockets grow larger;

Blue fades ’til her soft tunic is torn; small

Pieces float towards heavenly neighbors, who lost

Their wrappings long before hers had been knit.

Warmth — glowing blue in endless black — flickers;

Earth clutches her best blue frock tight, twirling.

Katherine Sypher

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