College and workplace are like parallel universes: they share a lot of things in common but also differ for a lot of reasons. This summer, I have the opportunity to travel to another universe and uncover an alternative version of my life, which I no longer have to wake up at 9 to attend classes, but to wake up at 8 to go to SF for work. I no longer need to submit CS assignments through Github, but to submit Pull Requests through Github. Everything looks similar but not all the same. In this world, I am a data science…

Phaedra(1880) by Alexandre Cabanel

*This paper was for a Greek Tragedy class — Classics 35 — taught by Mark Griffith in Fall 2018 at UC Berkeley*

The word Ἔρως(Eros), often refers to the god of love and passion, the son of Aphrodite, who randomly aims his targets and strikes at their hearts, bringing desire and irrepressible feelings. While Eros the god was praised and worshipped by many ancient cults, Eros, the effect of “being-in-love”, is problematized as a damaging and misleading force in Greek tragedy that drives people toward weakness and insanity. In this paper I will discuss the sexual love of two characters…

I’m currently a third year at UC Berkeley double majoring in statistics and data science. But before that, I never thought I would be a STEM major.

Indeed, I thought I might pursue something like psychology, creative writing or comparative literature. I have been told many times by my classmates, my friends, my parents, and even my college writing professors, that I am a good writer. In middle school, I wrote plenty of novels, play scripts and articles that were published in school’s magazines and newspapers. In college, I was surprised at how I completed an 8-page essay without wrapping…

Katherine Zhang

Woman in STEM | UC Berkeley Data science & Stats| “Two things that I love to do at night: writing and debugging”

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