Secrets of How to Distinguish A Real Millionaire

According to the ‘Global Wealth in 2015’ report the US has 15.7 million millionaires. A large cross section of these millionaires visit MillionaireMatch every day looking to date and fall in love, but how can you be sure the person you’ve met or been talking to is actually a millionaire? It’s not always straight forward but fear not, the good people here at MillionaireMatch have put together some easy to follow tips for spotting a fake.

1. Money doesn’t talk, it motivates and dreams big!

Millionaires have shown to have a lot more in common than just the size of their bank accounts. The super wealthy are known to think differently, they’ve made it to the top for a reason! They are goal orientated and create their own path — just take a look at Sir Alan Sugar who went from selling car aerials and electrical goods at 16 to having an estimated net worth of £1.4 billion pounds.

A true entrepreneur has big dreams and a creative vision. If you find your self-spending time with someone who talks about money constantly then you may have spotted a fake. Most millionaires live by ‘If you’ve got it don’t flaunt it’ principle, the more you flaunt your wealth the more you attract unwanted attention. A partner who is comfortable in their wealth and position as a millionaire won’t feel the need to discuss it constantly or flaunt it.

Tips — 
• Talking about money constantly might be a red flag
• Are they passionate or more interested in discussing your potential wealth
• Is your date a free thinker on his own path or obsessed with money/expensive items

2. The Millionaire Myth

You may be under a lot of miss apprehensions about the way millionaires live their lives. You might make the assumption that every true millionaire will drive the fanciest most expensive car, wear only expensive Italian suits and flash an incredibly expensive Rolex watch. If that were true it would be rather easy to spot a fake, but research shows it may not be that straight forward! A lot of millionaires shop in bulk even Google co-found Sergey Brin still shops at Costco! Not only does this save money but it saves time.

They look for sales, use coupons and they live below their own means. After all the best way to save money is not to spend it! For instance Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been known to drive VW Golf GTI an in-expensive unassuming vehicle that won’t draw much attention. Good signs of a pretender would be that they don’t bother to save and are constantly looking for some form of validation. They own expensive things in order to present an air of wealth but they will most likely be leased! If the person you’re with is often miserable, envious of others and always trying to ‘one-up’ people with stories of wealth, they’re most likely faking it.

Tips — 
• Flaunting their wealth through the car they drive or where they shop could be signs of a fake.
• Rather than looking at the outward appearance, look at their character traits and personality
• Obsessed with expensive things and envious of others this could be a strong sign they’re faking it.

3. The manners and linguistics

As the old saying goes ‘manners cost nothing’ and as we previously discussed that’s the right price when it comes to staying a millionaire. If you move in affluent circles, especially when it comes to big business you’re going to learn quickly how to carry your-self. After all flaunting your bad manners is no way to get ahead in business and this is the same when dating the opposite sex. You wouldn’t treat your business associates badly so you wouldn’t treat your potential partner that way either!

Body language and linguistics are a great way to spot if anyone is lying about anything. For instance if someone claim to have studied at Yale but their conversational linguistics seem to be of a high school equivalent you know that something doesn’t match up. Many Psychologists believe when a person looks to their right they are likely to be fabricating a lie while glancing up and to the left is considered to indicate honesty. If you see this kind of behavior and question a person take a look at their body language, if they become guarded or defensive they are most likely lying.

• Manners matter, if they don’t have any they’re probably not a millionaire
• Do they have the kind of vocabulary that shows a high level of education/intelligence
• When discussing personal subjects do they look to the right as if fabricating a lie 
• Do they become defensive when questioned on vague claims


Hopefully this helps you on your journey looking for love on online dating. When it comes to relationships the best way to live is with open honestly and you just never know when you might come across a fake millionaire. So next time you’re on a date put these tips to good use and don’t be fooled by a pretender.

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