Ew…please get off your high horse.
Deanna Zhang

I read the piece. Then looked for responses to see what arguements others were putting out there against this piece. It is important to me to read and hear all sides to be fully informed.

Deanna, I am sorry that I can not find any substance to consider in your response.

She was not speaking for all women. But every single issue she offered is one which carries truth for millions of women. To deny that fact is, simply another reality of alternative facts. You referred to “several logical fallacies” but did not offer a single example. What are those?

I marched, as did millions of others, men and women. I have my reasons for marching and they were certainly covered in the broad range of issues she raised. I did not have the same priorties as others, and I certainly did not expect everyone in that march to have the same priorities. I know from discussions that day that there were many differing and debatable opinions among us.

And yet, every single man and woman who marched around the globe were unified by one core theme — the right to express ourselves peacefully to bring about change. History has proven the value of voices raised in protest. It has brought about extraordinary change for women, minorities and others. This is democracy. You and others can choose to ignore this, believing the freedoms that we all enjoy miraculously and organically materialized. You can deny that the issues she raises are alive and real. But you would be wrong.

To deny the truth of something or choose to ignore the facts, is the root for another condition.