Project Manager — Infographic

Reflection of my role:

I had the role of managing my group. I helped make sure that we stuck to the Gantt Chart I created. I checked in with all team members and spoke to them separately to ensure that they understood what was required and to check if they needed help. I made an effective and detailed Gantt chart which the group could understand, along with a list of each role’s tasks and agendas for various meetings. As Project Manager, I am responsible for ensuring the project follows the brief, that it is submitted on time, that team members complete their tasks, and that I set regular meetings.


Myself and the team worked well and followed the schedule. I feel that I ensured that everyone was comfortable and confident with their roles. Everyone demonstrated good teamworking skills and were very communicative. There was one team meeting that I missed, but I caught up with what they had discussed. Everyone was more than willing to do their part to complete the project and were kind to one another. I did my best with carrying out my tasks and supporting my team.

What could have been done differently:

I would have preferred more face-to-face meetings. Many of the meetings were over Instagram call with one face-to-face. The final meeting was in person as I felt it would be important where everything was finalised, and we started drawing a close to the project.

My strengths and weaknesses throughout the project:

My strengths would be my organisational skills and time management. I made a detailed Gantt Chart, making time management doable for the team.

I was very communicative with the team and checked in with them regularly. I also sent them private messages outside of the group chat. I was supportive towards them and offered them my help.

Another strength would be that I was able to provide feedback. For both Researcher and Content Creator roles, I had to ask them to reference the work correctly.

As for my weaknesses, I did not do so well with the meetings. I scheduled them and they all happened, but I should have tried to get more in person meetings. The group and I also missed one of the tutorials due to WiFi issues, but we decided together that we did not feel the need to rebook one.

Thoughts on final infographic:

We decided on the final infographic together. We waned an infographic that lay out the information in the best format and one that was eye catching. What we liked about the design was specifically the colours. We went with greens so that it represents the environment and how AirPods affect it.

For future reference:

In future, I will set reminders on my phone for meetings so that I do not miss them. I will also organise meetings better and try gather everyone in person more.




Reflections on my roles in various projects and analysing my performance in Media & Communication. This is for one of my University modules — Manipulating Media

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Kathleen Cohen

Kathleen Cohen

Reflections on my roles in various projects and analysing my performance in Media & Communication. This is for one of my University modules — Manipulating Media

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