In part 1, I discussed my thoughts about how the journalists failed in their coverage of the newest set of theories from Anders Tegnell, Swedens state epidemiologist.

In part 1 in this series of posts I discussed how I am disappointed with the journalists for not really getting the big picture surrounding the new theory that Anders Tegnell has about why the Swedish death count is higher from Covid-19 than the other Nordic countries. In this post I intend to prove that they are missing something, as well as discuss why this should be a national scandal as I believe that it definitely has consequences for public health, international relations, and our own democracy.

I went through a few of the problems that I had with the media and their coverage surrounding Anders Tegnell’s latest theory in the last post, but I honestly do not know that I can find the words to describe how frustrated I am with the coverage. I noticed instantly that the reporters who wrote the articles did not bother to look at the “study” that they are linking, and Tegnell is citing. Below is a short list of the reasons why that is problematic when it comes to the coverage. …

Since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, the Swedish Public Health agency has wanted to play down the risk that Sweden faced, and many of the members of the Swedish media have been pushing the same message instead of holding a light on those in power and asking tough questions.

My issues have been many during the last 9 months of news coverage, but I think that the coverage from the last few weeks has been what really just caused me to blow up, so I felt like I needed to get my thoughts together and post it here, for the world to see, so that everyone can see how ridiculous the whole situation is. …

Katie Myrestam

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