Hey Earth Angel!

Hey Earth Angel : As your Frequency rises. New Solution’s appear. Doors open that were closed. Your heart beats: listen; wise, kind and full of Treasure.

In this human form: A solution can be born with the new thinking! How do I open that door ? Today remember we cannot solve an issue with the same frequency of thought that created the problem. Do take time to align with fun, joy and happiness. Truly this is the energy of who we really are.

Peace and love souks innate qualities: it is not a seeking of solution or peace that is required. More an action of s detachment from drama and taking time to turn inward. So listen to peaceful music: dance: meditate : walk: cycle: swim: run. This will take our frequency: from worry to being in the moment.

As pure source energy solutions unfold naturally. As we learn to drop the perpetual thinking into stillness. There is a slowing down then turn into souls unique heart song: guided by soul.

Words and Image By Kathleen Dutton

Cosmic Dragonfly Dreaming “Meditate, move, sing, draw, write, dream, heal. Focus, still, move, clear, and calm’. A Multidisciplinary & Multidimensional soul