How Much Power Do ‘Millennials’ Actually Have?
New York Times Magazine

If Millennials think capitalism is accelerating then it’s the fault of the brain washing they’ve received while amassing that school loan debt paying tuition to ivory tower idiots who wouldn’t know capitalism if they fell over it.

The fact is, more than half the babies born in this country last year were paid for by Medicaid. For the first time in history.

Statistics in government spending show that more than half our GDP is socialistic programs, and that’s why our economy has screeched to a halt.

More people than ever have enormous school debt because they were wrongly conned into thinking the whole world should get academic degrees without stopping to look at where the global job market actually was headed, and what they should really do for a living.

Conned by a state run school system, who stole the tax dollars for that debt from hard working degree-less Americans. Socialism.

They can’t pay their health insurance and neither can the generation before them or the one before that, due to socialism in healthcare and government interference.

Thanks to government interference in housing and the central banking interference in money flow, rent is astronomical and no one has any savings but they aren’t willing to admit they were played by the banks allowing equity to be sucked out and credit debts to soar.

And so, the Millenials authoritarian tendencies increase because socialism is an enforced model, being juxtaposed to free markets and consumer choices. The government is leading them down the road to destruction, where socialism and communism enforced by the state always ends, and the Millenials are blindly following, completely unaware, except for a tiny few, that they are being played.