10 Secrets for College Success & Good Grades

Studying is important, but it’s not the only secret to college success! My 10 secrets for college success go beyond the typical “how to study” tips. In fact, you won’t find many of these college secrets anywhere else.

I’ve watched students on a SEC college campus for 28 years, taught over 2,000 students in 3 years and have seen what students will and will not do for their success. I’ve heard all the excuses of why they were turning in an assignment late, why they were not in class, or why they must leave class early.

Parents — I didn’t leave you out of the list! There are recommendations that you should follow that will help your student be successful. I’ve highlighted your tips in red text.

1- Respect — Show respect to your instructors and staff. Respect your fellow students too. This is very important to YOUR success — and just being a good human being.

  • Parents — respect your college student’s privacy, but intervene when they go astray.

2. Go to class. Seriously. You can’t stay at college if you aren’t in class. You can’t party if you aren’t in college. It’s a vicious cycle that begins with going to class.

3. Don’t play on your phone or watch Netflix in class –. You are paying THOUSANDS of dollars for a class. Be there. Be present.

  • Parents — don’t text or call your child during class. You know their schedule. Don’t encourage bad behaviors. You are the problem if you are doing this.

4. Talk to your teachers. If they know you, you will have doors open for other opportunities. Teachers can’t tell you about internships or jobs if they don’t know you.

  • Parents — do NOT talk to professors. If you must talk to the professor, hack your child’s email and send an email to the professor as your child. Be certain your child knows you are doing this and get their permission.

5. If you miss class, own up to it. Don’t blame it on “grandma”. Missing class because “grandma” is in the hospital is the oldest excuse and still being used by students.

  • Parents — teach your students to be more creative in their excuses or tell them to get to class. End of discussion.

6. Know the university policies for class absences. Universities usually have a policy outlining what is an acceptable excuse for missing class. Most professors do not know the university policy on attendance and this may help you especially if your professor is violating those policies. You’re Welcome.

7. Learn how to properly email professors. Incomplete, or bad emails will get ignored and will NOT get answered. For complete instructions, click here: http://kathleenolivieri.com/blog/emailyourprofessor

8. Surround yourself with people smarter than you. This isn’t high school or a popularity contest. This is about you becoming a better person with a better future. If your college friends have no ambition other than partying — dump them. Get new friends who are smarter and have excellent life/career goals.

9. Netflix and Chill — this does not fit in to #8. If you get invited to this, go the other way.

10. Join 3–5 clubs or activities. At least 1 of these clubs and activities should be related to your major and/or career goals.

Bonus Secrets

11. Talk to the shy person in your classes or dorm. This isn’t high school. You will develop leadership skills by reaching out to all types of people. You can’t learn that in a class.

12. When in doubt, Don’t Be An Idiot. This secret trumps all others and can save lots of heartache!

In conclusion, the secret to success in college extends beyond studying. I want you to be successful and you are on your way if you will follow these 10 Secrets for College Success.

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Take Care,

Originally published at kathleenolivieri.com on June 28, 2017.