Cancer moonshot

My husband, Joel, was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2009. At one point he was told he would need to have his bladder removed. We went to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL, and met with Dr. Young in the urology department. He said, “There is something we will try first.”

This was good news. My husband had a liver transplant in 1999 and was unable to follow the general protocol for bladder cancer. He had tumors removed several times and had also been treated with mitomycin prior to going to Mayo.

The treatment Dr. Young prescribed was infusions into the bladder of ValStar or Valrubicin. Joel would need 6 of these treatments over a period of 6–8 weeks. These turned out to be very painful because the solution burned while in the bladder. Joel’s courage, strength, and stubbornness helped him get through the treatments. This regimen was completed in 2011 and in the fall of 2015 Joel was declared cancer free.

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