Escape Your Problems with an Escape Room

I love horror movies, and I love puzzles — so the idea of me being stuck somewhere terrifying until I figure out a way to leave is like a dream and nightmare come true.

So of course I wanted to go to an Escape Room.

It was infuriating, upsetting, and amazing. I really channeled Grumpy Cat:

The waiting area was boring. It was a simple set-up and I half felt like I was going to be going into a 6th grade birthday pizza party. But like, without the exciting smell of pizza.

The escape itself was a very intricate plan. Each clue led to another clue or gave us a lead that worked backwards. My team and I actually worked really well together and completed each other’s thought processes. For example, at one point I realized that the numbers of the rooms corresponded to numbers on a piece of paper which revealed what numbers would open a combination lock on a safe. However, those numbers didn’t work. I was at a loss and assumed my thought process was completely wrong. However, my friend took a look at my thought process and reminded me that the map was actually just numbered slightly wrong (two numbers were switched). So we tried the new code, and sure enough it worked!

The place we went to had rooms based on difficulty, which I found to be an interesting idea considering people who have never done an escape room (like myself at the time) may be at a loss during their first experience.

Personally, I felt the decorations could use some work. They were clearly bought from a dollar store. I appreciate that they made puzzles that relied on different media — drawings, number puzzles, limericks, and even physically finding a key.

The puzzles were lovely and immersive, but the decorations were not scary or as intricate as I felt they should have been. That being said, my idea of an amazing Escape Room is different than most people’s. I just personally want to be scared into trying to find my way out — I think that makes it more fun! Although I suppose scaring kids into crying and screaming in terror wouldn’t necessarily be “good”.

Here’s the information for the Escape Room I went to:

Mystery Room
1140 Sheppard Ave West, Unit 18 
Toronto, ON 
M3K 2A2

Would I go to another Escape Room? Sure!

Would I pay the current prices? I’m going to just answer with the fact that I can only afford a Netflix subscription and a bag of Cheetos.

Someone should totally combine a haunted house and an escape room. Now I would totally pay to see that (in Cheetos and tears).

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