How Do You Collaborate If You Hate People?

Okay, so for #Module3 of my #EID100 class, I really wanted to talk about this super cool collaboration technology that everyone in the whole world probably already knows about.

Some people may ask how I could possibly do a software review on an online collaboration software that is already so popular.

You want to know what I have to say to that? I have a very different take on reviewing this software. This software is perfect for people that hate people (like me).

In a day and age where the power and speed of computers has increased exponentially, where we aim to have a settlement on MARS, and where pizza scissors and stroller scooters exist - why do people care about Google Docs and collaborating online instead of in person? Mostly, because we are lazy.

No, seriously. There are pizza scissors, and stroller scooters:


Some people would argue that having online collaboration software creates a dependancy on technology, but if it means we don’t have to subject people to us when we’re sick, tired, or just unbearable to be around, who cares?!

Finally, a technology where someone has no excuse to not participate in group discussion and group projects.

Awe, you’re sick? Don’t worry about infecting us with your gross disease, because you can still contribute from the comfort of your own bed with Google Docs!
Your car broke down? Bummer — at least we have Google Docs!
You’re in Peru? How did you end up in Peru? Well, if you’re able to post Facebook pictures, it wouldn’t hurt for you to update our group essay via Google Doc.

This is really innovative, okay? I am in my 4th year of Radio and Television and my group is doing an insanely huge project that requires a lot of paperwork. Not only are we able to collaborate on documents together, but we can share documents we’ve saved, organize our things into folders, and share our contact information and schedules.

It also means people can work on the same document at the same time. Even in person, that’s impossible. One piece of paper and two people doesn’t work. It’s ingenious. In fact, there is even a way to see how much time someone has spent on a Google Doc, which can be ridiculously useful when you realize that one person in the group has spent 5% the amount of time on the project than the rest of you have.

Finally — I can contribute to my education without leaving my room. If only my desk wasn’t so far away from my bed.