Studying: The Newest Addictive Fad

So, remember when your friend group would have a fad going around? Like Neopets, or Tamagotchis, or getting hypothermia from the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Well, in first year of University (all the way back in 2013 for me, which is absolutely terrifying), my friends and I were obsessed with QuizUp.

QuizUp is a mobile trivia app where you can challenge all of your friends on their knowledge on lyrics, famous quotes, and Harry Potter (which I was amazing at, by the way). You can compete against friends, or against time itself.

Because the application has quizzes in multiple choice form, I begun to accidentally memorize the answers to certain questions that were repeated. This is when it became information, and not just data. Because I understood the answers, it was no longer information, it was now knowledge.

By applying this application’s knowledge to my current course, it becomes wisdom as I am using it across platforms.

How can this application/fad help you? Well, if I can understand small details from trivial things better by using this application and the fast-paced competition included, it means you can use it to help you study (especially for multiple choice tests!)

To give you an example (and as required by Module 6), I made my own QuizUp Quiz for EID100. Because QuizUp is known as “The Biggest Trivia Game in the World”, it won’t let me make something so specific, so instead I titled it “Digital Innovation”, and put it under the Tech category.

I have attached screenshots from my quiz so you can challenge yourself and hopefully get better than a 75% on any EID100 test (maybe I could have gotten better had I done this before the midterm — you live and you learn):

So get addicted to studying, guys!

And instead of just tweeting your exam review questions, why not add them to the following link and we can all be extremely well prepared for the final!

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