Using Audacity for Creation: I Have No Future in Music

Look, Audacity is really cool software. For someone who knows what they’re doing and is passionate specifically about music, or has something in mind to edit.

As someone who has only used Protools, and wants to get into children’s programming — Audacity isn’t really my thing.

When I’m passionate about something, I go all in. The first day I discovered After Effects, I spent 4 hours learning how to do key-frames. I spent another few hours everyday for the next week looking at tutorials on how to do different things. In the following months I learned how to do mouth rigs for fun.

I played around with Audacity for less than an hour, looked up a few articles and went “hmpf — I don’t like this — this is hard”, much like a whiny little child.

Now that doesn’t speak to this specific software, it speaks more to how passion leads to creation and innovation.

I’m sure a few people in EID100 used Audacity for Module 8 and had wonderful success. I, however, did not.

So if you particularly feel like suffering, please feel free to message me so I can send you the .wav file I made from Audacity (as there isn’t a way to upload it on to this blog).

Or, you can spend that same minute (+16 more minutes) watching my favourite moments from Harry Potter:

Your choice, really.

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