The Truths about Toxic Body Fat Will Leave You Startling

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Maybe it’s time to put down the fries and burger — consider scrolling down and read.

What does your diet mostly consists of? Are these foods high in healthy fats or toxic body fats? If you could not distinguish the difference between the two, then you are presumably at high risk of having toxic fats in your body. The problem starts by eating all the foods regardless and unknowingly– if it is harmful or not. These can link to serious diseases and probably, early death.

The number of people who loves consuming fatty toxic foods is globally rising — it’s been regarded as a widespread major public health epidemic — emerging for three decades now. In fact, the studies of Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) have shown that nearly 30% of the population around the world falls into cases of either being overweight and obese individuals.

For sure, a particular part of this population has been aware of the adverse effects overeating causes the body and some may not. The fact that these “aware” individuals have been exposed to the issue — yet continues an unhealthy habit, simply because they don’t care for their total well-being. Or undoubtedly, they still haven’t known the worst consequences toxic body fats draw in the body.

Truth #1 Toxic body fat results in inflammation

As Willa Hsueh, M.D. says, “the bottom line is, you’re feeding and feeding these fat cells and they’re turning around and biting you back.” It sounds pretty scary, right?

Science explains that fat’s function into our body is storing extra energy — helping us do our day to day activities. However, the too much fat is a certainly a different story to consider — it reacts negatively to it.

ScienceDaily reports that the fat cells or adipocytes releases false distress signals that overweight mice and humans are not under attack by pathogens (a bacterium, virus, or microorganism that causes diseases). Yet it releases the local immune cells signal in a manner of agitation that causes the inflammation.

For a long time, it has been assumed by most of us that fats are just underlying beneath the skin and does not induce any harm. Little did we know that these fats can spread throughout the body, outgrow our organs, and create toxic chemicals that may harm in many ways.

Truth #2 Toxic body fat decreases liver function

A person who grew up devouring plenty of high-carb foods may already have a liver where there is a presence of toxic buildup. It can also be presumed that the blood circulation may show several abnormalities in liver function.

Since it won’t be impossible for the fats to position in the liver, increased risks would actually occur the moment one’s liver becomes fatty.

A fatty liver becomes a host to insulin imbalance, and possibly be connected to having developed type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The dangers of these risks can remain unseen unless you initiate a step to the doctor. It is recommended that patients, especially ages 40 and above request a liver ultrasound to determine whether certain problems are lying within the liver.

So, before you enjoy all those foods you think is nothing to your health destruction, think twice or maybe a hundred times.

Truth #3 Toxic body fat stores environmental toxins within

How does it sound that your fat actually keeps such amounts of grotty toxins in your body? Gross, isn’t it?!

This is where the importance of detoxification process come in; the excess toxins make you fat and your fats stores excess toxins. Clearing out toxins in your body by a detox may free you away from excess body fats and promote your total body health.

It is important that you at least have a monthly detox to transition your body as well as lifestyle into a healthier one.

Truth #4 Toxic body fat high chances of osteoporosis

There is a belief that obesity may be protective against bone loss and damage but the latest research has found out that this is simply a myth. Adiponectin, which is a hormone, related to obesity that shows it may be the cause why an obese individual experiences osteoporosis and various fractures.

While scientists have also found out that too much toxic fats in the body may deteriorate the strength of bones. It can also be concluded in the body that obese men and women who have fatty toxins in the liver, muscles tissue, and blood has fatty bone marrows too — making it possible for osteoporosis to arise.

Toxic #5 Toxic body fats is alarming for your hormones

Now that we have gotten a long way, you may not possibly imagine how horrible it affects the body. This time, it is involved with your human growth hormone.

With the presence of excess body fat comes the swerve of one’s hormonal imbalance. Human growth hormone tends to decline because there is a greater buildup of toxic fats surrounding our midsection. I bet visualizing this makes you want to throw off the entire harmful fatty foods you got on the fridge!

The scientists from University of Virginia Health System discovered that such high levels of male hormones were found in obese girls in their early stages of puberty — which will bring in a lot of health problems in the future.

Say goodbye to your grabbable gut

Young or adult, no one gets exempted with the precarious consequences of overeating toxic fatty foods. There’s nothing we take in our body that doesn’t pay later.

If you happen to be facing trouble in eliminating those fats away, you may read more informational resources that will ease your burden. The important thing above all is once you’ve started your way to change, never head again to the old unhealthy lifestyle you have had before.

Being a healthy person gives an assurance that you will enjoy life more and longer. At the same time, it allows you utilize your time freedom. Anyway, who would want to often be confined to hospital, spend hard-earned money to medications and endure medical operations brought by serious diseases?Surely, there’s none!

So, I guess, you’re really going to put down those fries and burger (and other toxic fatty foods) by now!

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