Why music and drinks go so well together?

Friedrich Nietzsche once said that “For art to exist, for any sort of aesthetic activity or perception to exist, a certain physiological precondition is indispensable: intoxication.”

The statement should be considered as a gospel truth. Intoxication is probably the only way to keep your true self alive. In the world filled with robots, we are expected to be robots too. However, there is a part of us that needs to stay true. There is a part of us that needs to believe, and intoxication helps with that.

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Have you ever wondered why so many creative geniuses in the world are not straight-edge? The reason is very obvious. They are at their best when they are in their intoxicated state. The conscious brain might act weird, but then, their subconscious rise to the occasion, and deliver something so astoundingly beautiful that most of the human population is left mere mortals in front of those creations. We conveniently label them art. Intoxication pushes one to the realms of invincibility. The intoxicated self of a person is nobody’s slave. That is why these creative people have no bosses. They are the masters of their own universe, where we merely try to reside.

When these fantasies and dreams get reincarnated into creations, we go awestruck and admire them and worship them. That is why we get affected so badly when we loose them. People like Curt Cobain and Amy Wine house might have left us, but they will forever reside in our hearts. Many of these idols had taken up two of the most intoxicating ways of life. They used to drink and create music. In their seventh heaven, they found beauty, and we found God.

Liv Music in London

If you are residing in London, or just being a tourist, one thing you should experience is live music in London. You never know, the person who is performing while you are slurping down a drink in a sports bar in London might be the next John Lenon. When music and alcohol find each other, they mingle to create something that is purely spiritual. They complement each other’s strengths and elevate the creative side of the person who is dwelling in the realm. Even for the onlooker, the drink transports him or her to the same level as the creator of the art, and that means you get to experience the same amount of beauty that gave birth to the piece of art in the first place. These souls want that as much as then need the money, as your appreciation of their talent is as important. It is a sad truth that not all of them get what they deserve, but in their limited receivables, if you can contribute with genuine appreciation, they feel like the superstars of the moment.

In conclusion, it can be said that there is no bigger mix of intoxications than music and drinks. However, drinking responsibly is probably the most important thing everybody should abide by, as that is the only thing that can keep the beauty of the intoxication alive.

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Author’s Bio:

Kathlin Smith is an appreciator of all things beautiful. Being a frequent visitor of live music scenes in London, this crazy human being decides to pen down his observations and interpretations of the romantic life he lives.

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