2015: Highlights


Happy 2015! Debut Year na rin…

  • We’ve celebrated New Year’s Eve in Project 8 Quezon City for the last time — the place I have fallen in-love with. I’ll surely go through sepanx. I was here since pre-school until first year of college. But yeah, sabi nga nila, “Change is the only permanent thing in this world.”
  • Simple things matter as well, so I included pictures of my company. It’s one of my pleasures.
  • On the second row, I was with my high school (HS) batch mates celebrating Princess and Tasha’s 18th birthday.
  • I have my first [EVER] hang-over there on the bottom left picture. Ayaw ko nang maulit ulit ‘to. Hassle!!!
  • While Gil’s here in Manila, we hung-out at Chemistea together with Sydney. We spent 4 hours just playing Monopoly cards, talk about random things…chill lang.


the Month of Love.

  • After two years, my braces were already gone! The first picture there was literally my first [selfie] picture after having my braces removed. Hihihi.
  • My Cookery class was one of my memorable course ever! I loved it. Now I’m into learning different recipes. I could explore the world of baking and desserts! :-)
  • Third and fourth picture was the birthday celebration of my two nephews, Gabe and Genroe.
  • Received two roses from the guy I used to be with!
  • *sings* bacon pancakes / bacon bacon pancakes / bacon pancaaaakes~
  • After practicing our piece for Fitness class, let us take a selfie.
  • Papal Visit Exhibit at UST Main Building #ProudThomasian


  • Inspired by Italian Bread Bowl, we nailed our prelim exam with our Mushroom Soup Bread Bowl.
  • I love hanging-out with friends. It’s the best time to shake off the stress that the acads is giving us. We went malling, watched Cinderella; spent our last pennies Just Dance-ing.
  • I finally got inside the Roque Ruaño Bldg. (a.k.a. Eng’g building) with my HS friends! Galawang kunwari magsi-CR lang.
  • The rest of the pictures are the small things I want to remember. Tinamad na mag-kuwento. Hahaha!


  • While on my Holy Week break, I decided to get my hair done. This was the shortest cut I’ve got so far!
  • 5th of April, we finally moved-in at Cavite. SEPAAAANX (Lester’s picture)
  • Had a mini fam bam with Aguirre clan at Uncle Boy’s residence.
  • Had our Wine Seminar. It was my first time to drink sparkling wine! Now it’s my fave ❤ Much love ❤
  • Because we are too attached to our Phil-History prof, we took a picture with her car. That’s how crazy we are! We definitely miss her.
  • Visited my alma mater with Ayie, of course, expect a selfie (or more) after couple of months not seeing the school we love… St. Mary’s is her name~
  • Ralph, Mariah’s boyfriend, has to go to US to spend his vacation there with his family. We haven’t seen Riah half of the day. When she finally saw us, she just cried and we imitate her because it was just too funny for us!
  • Had a simple chit-chat and chill night with my Dad outside the house. Walang masiyadong kotse at tahimik kaya puwede kaming mag-standby sa daan. Literal! Lol!
  • I had my first speedboat ride at Pasig River while doing our RC (Rizal Course) Shoot. Honestly, I was saddened by what I’ve witnessed :-(
  • One after another, fam bam again! It’s hassle and hectic on my part because I was the only one still having classes among my cousins.
  • Ayie let me show what’s inside MCAD after we shoot our project that I asked her to do. Hohol time.


School days are over! …Almost.

Everyone’s getting busier! Our block’s getting stuffed by final requirements. Kapit lang.

  • Coping up with my cousins even if I’m loaded.
  • First Breakout with my group-mates in Tour 101B. 95% of completion isn’t bad for beginners like us. NAAAAILED EEEET! ;)
  • Our student council made this segment, in celebration of the college’s anniversary, called Basaan. I had fun with my friends & blockmates! Kaso nagka-sinat ako. I went home early. Lol! The following night, We watched the Runway prepared by S.T.S. (Student Tourism Society.)

I also enjoy watching runways.

  • Cess asked a help for their project (?). She needed a patient like Dad. I brought her to our new home. She was the first person ever I brought here!

[ ✓] Fitness Finals, [ ✓] Cookery class Finals, [ ✓] Phil-History Finals, [ ✓] Tour 101B Finals; and [ ✓] EVERYTHING. YAAAAAAAAY!!!

  • Finally, my block’s most awaited part… the #ULT1MATEBONDINGEXPERIENCE
  • And finally, I’ve got the chance to spend my time with my family and cousins *calms down*


And yep, more and more time with my loves!

  • I went to National Museum for the first time with my good company
  • I had the chance to bond with my grade school friends, again! After a long time. It’s like nothing has changed!

Except that we’ve gone prettier. Hihihi..

  • Obviously, I spent this month mostly with my three sissums (from another mums), Kim, Krizzia & Lourds!
  • I miss you, baby Lester! My first ever baby ❤


  • First time to see my sissum’s house. Ikaw na talaga!
  • Thanks to my cousins for accompanying me just to see Us The Duo in person! You guys are always the best. And guess what? I made a new friend! Her name’s Pamela and she‘s from US. But she’s a pure Pinay. She just grew up there. Oh, diba, tsismosa lang ang dating ng ate mo. Just kidding! Get-to-know stage naman.
  • After going to Us’ meet-and-greet, for the first time again, I made this marshmallow dip 😅 #umaytho

Having new friend/s in a concert or meet-and-greet events is inevitable. I swear. Parang required talaga eh. Especially sa mga mag-isang pumupunta sa mga ganto… like me. *sobs*

  • Welcome to MNL again, Gilda! Us The Trio na yata with Sydney eh. Lol! It was Syd’s first time to treat us and we had our second round in this Chinese fastfood resto. Thank you bro!
  • First time to do a complex recipe! Mashed Potato Bacon Bombs by yours truly. *bows*
  • My auntie treated us a lunch with no reason. Thanks Tita! It was great.


Ugh. School’s back. (But) Nothing much about school stuff will be stated in this portion… Yet.

  • 1st of August, welcome to the family Sassy! I’m so happy to have you. I love you so much!!!
  • My aunties decided to surprise Mom for her birthday. It all worked! Mom had her bolt from the blue moment.
  • Another recipe I’ve learned — Creamy Tuna Pesto Pasta. It was a wrap!!! Now I’m loving myself even more. ❤
  • My college friends decided to chill out a little. Thanks Drei for the treat!
  • Had a chance to take picture with our sensei’s daughter. Arigato gozaimasu. Hajimemashite! (I tried.)
  • I remembered the day I chose family over NSTP Orientation. As I looked on my grade book, it says there, “Orientation: 0/100” The hell I care. Family over everything dude ;)
  • Watched Ballet Manila’s From Page to Stage; spent the rest of the day at Star City w/ block mates!
  • Jenny had another role at Teatro Tomasino. Congrats to the best actress! We had fun watching you. Ka-proud!


the Month of Debut. Goodbye kaching!

Goodness, every week I have to attend a friend’s debut. Even if my mom’s already getting annoyed by it, I was present to all of ’em 4 celebrants! — Jor, Nica, Jamie & Eilsel. I was having fun yet; that’s where we could only see each other again (for my HS batch mates.) Reunion na rin in a way.

  • Miah treated us in SNR. Thanks beh!
  • Eilsel’s day was a b l a s t !!!
  • My NSTP group mates made up this little campaign. (Click if you want to see!)


The Month When I Was Born

  • First week, Cess & I hosted Mitch’s Day. Though we were late. Konti lang naman. Mga 45 minutes “lang” iyon.
  • Hung-out with Mom; ate at this unfamiliar dessert resto. Yum! :p~
  • Teacher’s Day: First time to perform for the college’s event.
  • Just another morning with my friends. Football pa more.
  • 24th, Arzel’s late celebration of her debut
  • 12mn of 25th, they’ve surprised me!!! Super thank you talaga! Never felt too special like what you did on this day.
  • #KATEscapade: Spent last two days of the month with HS gang! Sana maulit muli. Hindi ako nagparehistro para dito. NKKLK.


  • My cousins, Krizzia & Lourdes, had their birthday celebrated at Auntie Etet’s condo; fambam again! Finally ❤

Krizzia and I posted a video of us singing! (Another first-time, AYE!!!)

  • 10th, I have performed [for the first time], inside UST! I’ve made new friends again. Hi to my co-singers — Ate Kim, Bea, & Kriswil! And of course, my band (for that day) whom I went 90’s with. Thank you MUSIKAT! Hoping for more. Hihihi.
  • 11th! First time to watch UAAP live. Everything went instant that day. Father Roy just gave us FOUR FREE tickets — it didn’t sink in to us right away. We looked at each other, asking “Totoo ba ‘to? Tara na ba? Ano?!!!” It was past 1 in the afternoon, the game will start at 2! We have to get there in a jiffy because the first game was UST vs. Adamson. We arrived at Araneta Coliseum around 2:30. Puwede na. Halftime pa lang. To make the story short, UST WON. Wooooooooooooooooooh!
  • Mariah’s Day — I remembered how she felt very disappointed with us because most of her college friends (that’s us) can’t attend her dinner celebration. But we we’re just kidding. All of us were there! We surprised her with a bouquet of flowers then she suddenly broke down into tears (like couple of times that night! She was really insane.)
Where’s Jenny? Well, she was late. Again. Always. Pero malala this night, almost 3 hours!!!
  • Under the top right picture was my mom & I. We had a little date. I just love talking to her about everything.
  • Before the month ends, my family, my uncle & auntie, and my cousins had the chance to stroll around here in Lancaster Village, watch the light show, chitchat, just chill & bond!


Last hurrah of the year!

  • I’ve finally spent time again with my sissums (from another mums). First time to have my Paskuhan with them. I’m glad they had “fun.” Hahaha! #PaskuhanForever
  • Alex’s Debut: At last, I met her first ever guy. Guess it was worth the wait? Eh? 🙂 Congrats, Lecks!
  • Kuya surprisingly gave me an iPhone again! I was still guilty of what had happened last 2014. I was and still really sorry :( Thank you for trusting me again! I love you bro.
  • Christmas Day: With some of my aunties, uncles, cousin, & nieces; It was my family’s first time to celebrate Christmas here in Cavite, here in our first ever owned house! We were really blessed by God despite of everything. Some day/s after, we went to my auntie’s condo to bond with some of our relatives.
  • 29th of December: Ayie’s Day — befriended with her AD Fam, and I finally met my crush *blushes (kahit di naman talaga ko nag-bblush)*

At ayun, staycation mode ako the rest of the days of this month.

And now, a letter of appreciation for myself:

To: Kathly Badiola

Thank you so much for the first-times, for the wisdom you’ve gained, for the new people you met, for the new friends you’ve made, for the challenges you’ve went through, for the sadness/tears that youneed to surpass, for the anxieties you had to deal with, for being strong enough for yourself alone, for bringing to yourself your two new families (Musikat & STS), for making your year productive, for finally learning to say “No.”, for knowing what’s worth it to hold on, what’s worth it to let go and what’s worth it to ignore, for knowing the perquisites of being alone, for being in the Dean’s list (another first-time lol), for bringing happiness to people when they needed it, for not expecting much and just let yourself be surprised of what’s going to happen, for another memories you’ve shared [through thick and thin] to your family, friends, and relatives, for allowing yourself to live more to learn more than to settle for less, to every mistake you admit (and did not), for the things you’ve sacrificed for the people you love and for yourself… for everything.



…HELLO 2016!!! *sabog confetti*
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