Why AngularJS is highly popular?

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Reasons for the popularity of AngularJS

  • It is possible to structure the source code by following the Model View View Model or Model-View-Controller.
  • The two-way data binding greatly lessens the amount of boilerplate code which is written to keep the model and view in agreement.
  • Designers and developers can work parallelly, as HTML is used for templating. While designers can create user interfaces, the developers tie user interface components with data models by using declarative binding syntax.
  • There is no necessity of using observable functions. Page DOM is analyzed, and the bindings are built on element attributes, in addition to AngularJS modifying the page DOM directly.
  • As the AngularJS data models are Plain Old Java Object(POJO), it is simple to change or append properties without any complications.
  • A data-based web app can be built without the need for relying on any other framework or plug-in. The reason being that the framework comes with a complete package.
  • Unit testing is provided, and even the context based communication is supported. In addition, a project of any size can be easily handled.

More importantly, AngularJS developers have the advantage of eliminating much of the code that has to be written, thanks to data binding and dependency injection of AngularJS.