Frustration in the Age of Internet Shopping

Maybe it was the extra pour of wine I had that evening, or I was tired of everything in my closet, or I just felt like being bad. A couple of clicks and a credit card number entered later, my new strappy red glitter sandals were on their way to my door.

Want to see an apartment leasing agent panic?

I can remember the look of sheer horror on my leasing agent’s face as she scrambled through an unholy stack of cardboard boxes in the office looking for the one that had my apartment number on it.

Do you know what size it is?

When did you order it?

Are you sure that you received a confirmation of delivery email?

Did someone else pick it up for you?

Would you like some coffee?

How has the rest of your leasing experience been?


They are size 8 heels so…

I ordered them Tuesday.

Yes, I know they were delivered.

Etc etc etc.

She eventually found them, but not before cementing my sneaking suspicion that my apartment complex was fully disorganized. It was the beginning of the end for me and that particular residence, because all the free coffee in the world can’t make up for the sad disorganization that was so apparent that day.

You cannot cover a trash can in whipped cream and call it a sundae. A trash can covered in whipped cream is a waste of whipped cream. You cannot offer me a free cup of coffee and have that leave me satisfied as you panic and try to find my new red shoes.

As mid-November approaches, I’m excited to see what the new PackageLog offering does to help apartment communities avoid embarrassing moments like the one described above. They are leading with the hashtag #FasterisComing ( Fingers crossed that the new process helps eliminate the foolishness.

Hey, for a more efficient process I’ll cross my ankles wearing my new red shoes, too.

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