The Road — Reflection #1 of 5 (pages 1–57)
Nathen Mergen

Nathan, this is a great start. Your organization makes the post extremely easy to follow, and I like how you support your analysis by providing textual examples.

For the sake of conversation, I wanted to touch on a few things. First, you make a great point in discussing syntax. However, syntax refers to sentence structure and variation, so what you are noticing is not necessarily a lack of syntax. Instead, you are seeing extremely long, drawn out sentences, perhaps even a mixture of incomplete sentences or statements of image. Regardless of the terminology, though, you touch on a great point: With long, cluttered, even run-on sentences, an author mirrors the lack of structure or chaos of a setting. Well done here.

Also, isn’t it neat how he uses a scene at a waterfall to teach the lessons you bring to light? The waterfall, which is constantly moving, ever flowing, is where the boy learns to keep pushing forward — much like the water itself. He learns the value of life at the waterfall, which provides life to so everything surrounding it. Oh, the symbolism you could discuss here!

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