The pandemic continues to present unprecedented challenges for organizations everywhere. Whether you are facing a radical drop off of customers, completely new customer experience constraints or a sudden demand unlike you have seen before — we can safely say every organization is being tested. But perhaps one of the biggest challenges is being faced by businesses’ that deliver in-person experiences.

We reached out to a couple of Oregon’s most innovative companies at the forefront of the pandemic to understand how they managed to redesign, learn from, and iterate their customer experiences.

New Season’s Market: Kristi McFarland, Chief Strategy Officer
ZOOM+Care: Torben…

Last week my business partners and I launched an organizational design and strategy firm called Future Work Design. If we’d been dead set on starting an actual company at the start, and felt pressure to do so quickly, the process would likely have begun with a very realistic, pragmatic set of needs like these:


  1. Clients
  2. An office
  3. Expertise and leadership across Sales, Delivery, Finance, and Operations
  4. Cash to pay for salaries and equipment
  5. Profit

If you look at this list as a system you can see how they reinforce one another and set a bunch of operational, structural, and…

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I’ve often felt a tension point in my work of advising customers on both employee and customer experience. Although I know in my bones that the secret to organizational success lies in both these areas, it sometimes feels like they are in conflict with one another.

For example, when I vehemently agree with the statement, “Organizations must recognize that their employees are their most important asset.” I feel like I am cheating on my customer-obsessed philosophies.

And when I hear myself saying, “The most important thing is not what we think internally, but what our customer thinks about this.” …

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And how human centered design can help.

After more than a decade as an executive at a consulting firm, I recently made the decision to venture out into the world of opportunity for a career change. I knew it would not be easy but I wasn’t worried. I’d been categorized as “top talent” throughout my entire career and since I’d overseen employee experience and talent, I knew what to expect. Or so I thought.

Being on the receiving end of this process was EYE OPENING.

If you’ve applied to one, or fifty+ jobs in the past few years you can…

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