A text that’s either thoughtful or unnecessary?

I woke up today to a text that I’d like to share. It’s nothing too awful or elaborate but it did make me wonder the kind of person this guy is. Perhaps a decent person, or just mildly confused? here’s what he wrote;

“Hi, we were suppose to meet next week for a date, but I want to be honest with you. I’m fresh out of a breakup and don’t think I’m ready. I hope you understand.”

Now, I can say with quite the certainly, that I’ve never felt more like a guy in such a situation. I mean, sure, we haven’t even met, this is not breaking my heart or anything but here are my questions;

  1. why are you on a dating site at all?
  2. why did you engage in a conversation?
  3. does this mean that you never deleted your account on the app even when you were in this relationship that supposedly is making you think that you are not “ready” to go out on a date with another woman?

This dating business is harsh. It’s expensive, exploitable, uncertain, and quite frankly, frustrating. My reaction to this message was just plain confusing then poof! whatever feeling I had was gone in a second. I wrote him an encouraging message saying that I wish he’d recover and thanking him for the text in advance.

Well, aside from all the negativity that this post might exude, I really did appreciate his text. I hope I won’t get too many of these though.