Obesity is a new thing, it is hard for society to adapt.
J dee

OMG. Obesity is not ‘a new thing’. Obesity used to be a sign of extreme wealth, opulence and even health. Have you never heard of Botticelli? He was known for painting voluptuous women who, by today’s standard would be considered ‘overweight’ and bordering on obese. Don’t believe me? Look him up. Also, look up the history of obesity. Because it is NOT a new thing and that you think so reflects on your own ignorance.

What is closer to the truth is that society’s opinion on the subject has changed significantly over the centuries; and so it should, with more education and a better understanding of the human body and its needs. But this isn’t a simple, clean cut, situation that has an ‘easy fix’ and you are making assumptions about the author based on your own narrow understanding and inflated sense of self-worth, as well as being a patronising little shit about it.

I actually didn’t agree with this article. If someone says something that the author finds offensive or hurtful, it is up to them to say something to the offender and not expect unquestionable understanding and sensitivity of their issues. Nobody is a mindreader and you can’t expect people to know, straight off the bat how their words might affect you.

That being said, how you phrased your comments — how you seem to think that if the author were to lose some weight, she wouldn’t be plagued by insecurities and self-doubt, shows how little attention you actually paid to the article or even to the world around you.

No one is free of anxiety, insecurity or self-esteem issues. Weight has nothing to do with it.

Obesity is not unnatural. Neither is Anorexia, Dementia, drug addiction, polygamy/polyamory, non-heteronormativity; or any other aspect of the human condition — good or bad. To dismiss people who suffer from one thing or another, to say that no man would want to ‘mate with you’ is the single most disgusting thing I’ve read in recent memory and again reflects your narrow world view and complete lack of understanding or empathy.

FYI, There are documentaries focused on relationships of men loving obese women; men who in some cases even enable further weight gain. Their relationships may not be ‘normal’ but they happen and they’re just as valid as any other relationship.

You, ‘my darling’, are in serious need of some re-education and an attitude adjustment.

And next time? If you’re going to make a bald claim like, ‘Obesity is a new thing’, at least have the decency of researching before you pull a so-called ‘fact’ from your ass.

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