Stop Deleting Trump Supporters: The Dangers of Echo Chambers

You read that right. Stop purging your social media feeds of those who support Donald Trump. Stop deleting friends who post racist, sexist or bigot posts supporting the frontrunner Republican candidate on Facebook or Twitter.

Why? I am far from a Trump supporter. I’ve been a bleeding-heart liberal since before I could vote. Does that mean that I want to clean my main social and news source from anyone who disagrees with me? No way.

Manoush Zomorodi, host of my favorite podcast “Note to Self,” did a great piece on this notion in October. She refers to this idea as an echo chamber, or the practice of surrounding yourself with voices and opinions who sound like yours.

Discussion is what makes democracy work. Don’t delete a Facebook friend because they don’t believe in the same policies or support the same candidate as you. Talk about it. See their perspective. Like it or not, Trump is on his way to the ballot in November. By isolating yourself from supporters, you are removing yourself from the group that is making this happen.

This doesn’t mean you need to go get beers with former high school classmates or exes of old roommates who are waving their virtual Trump flags. But read their posts. Click their links. Form your opinion by listening to opposing views, not just regurgitating people who already agree with you.

A little anger is good for you. You should be angry. Get emotional. Then use those feelings to do something about it.

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