National Poetry Month Day 12

#nationalpoetrymonth from Ms Laura Orem’s Castrata: A Conversation Finishing Line Press. I am celebrating National Poetry Month by selecting a poem a day from my library, reading and culling favorites to share with homespun phone photo snaps.

“I still want. The she inside won’t expire/like quarts of milk or ancient cans of beans./Souls are more than broken bodies.”

From Shaindel Beers review on the Finishing Line Press Site:

Castrata,” Laura Orem’s heroic crown of sonnets, explores the complexities of a woman’s triumph over cancer by looking at surgery, treatment, and survival through the lens of the castrati of 18th century Europe. Both speakers in the series “pretend” to be “whole, complete / as jigsaw puzzles in their boxes, no / missing parts explained.” In these fifteen poems, Orem inspires, leaving readers with the hope that “Souls are more than broken bodies.” A lush and glorious collection! — Shaindel Beers, author of A Brief History of Time and The Children’s War

Cover, Castrata: A Conversation, Poems by Laura Orem.