Dear Congressperson,

My message to all those who voted for the AHCA yesterday. I am considering tweeting it directly at each of them, but I also have to do my job today (see below for reason I can not get fired) so instead for now I’m just posting it here. In an ideal world I would like the opportunity to stand in front of each of them and read it to their face. So that they would have to look me in the eye while they explain the importance of their precious economic freedom.

The essential medications I need to live for more than a few days are $910/mo. without insurance. This does not include (also necessary) testing supplies, supplements, doctors appointments, etc. If I lost my job (and therefore my insurance) tomorrow, I would have enough insulin (if I made it stretch & none went bad) for the next 6 mos. Assuming I could live rent free with my parents in that time (which I am privileged to be able to consider), I would be able to buy maybe 2 months more supply. Then I would be out of luck. Obviously if I can’t afford this one drug at ~$1000/mo. I could not afford a $5.5K surcharge. I would have to chose between begging for money from kind hearted others, starvation, or Diabetic Ketoacidosis, which almost killed me in February of this year. With your vote yesterday, this is the reality you have set up for people like me, who have an unpreventable autoimmune disease. Can you please explain to me why you believe I, and other Type 1 diabetes sufferers without immense wealth deserve to be left to die?