Five Things I Learned From Watching The Comey Testimony
Caitlin Johnstone

I’m relieved that Comey’s testimony seems to have deflated the hot-air bubble about Trump colluding with the Kremlin to win the election, but having seen and gotten a little hopeful over a few MSM outlets (prior to yesterday’s hearing) testing out strategies for backing away from the ridiculous Russian narrative, I was peeved all over again to see Comey asserting his complete lack of doubt that Russia has indeed interfered with our elections and wants to bring American down.

I still think that there’s lots of reason to fear the Deep State’s continued embrace of a rationale for war with Russia (authorization for a massive nuclear weapons upgrade, mebbe? Lots of profit to be made if that’s greenlit.) Comey’s testimony didn’t give me much reassurance that the IC is backing away from that. Alas.

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