On Your Way to the Camps, I Just Want You to Know…
Aaron Loeb

More Democratic Establishment scare-mongering. So, Trump has a big mouth. Who in the Congress do you think will back him on his crap? Obama and Clinton, on the other hand, have actually done horrible things that you fear. What do you think she and Obama have already done to so many Muslims and South Americans in their homelands? Honduras? Syria? Iraq? Iran is next…regime change, toppling of sovereign governments that weren’t so terrible as to make it worth all the carnage and the decades-long aftermath of devastating war. Ever wonder why they hate us over there? This was all done for corporate imperialism — our own kids, too, sent to die over there, and for what?

You want to talk about camps? How about GitMo? Those people are still held there without charges, without trial. Under the Patriot Act, they can grab anyone suspected of terrorism — and that could be you or yours — and hold you the same way, indefinitely.

Finally, how do you feel about losing democracy completely? Right here in U.S. — free and fair elections, a thing of the past. It is happening right under your nose. The DNC stole that primary for Hillary Clinton. The evidence is overwhelming. Stop trying to hide from that truth. Put her in the White House, and you have given your stamp of approval to a fascist dictator. You have given away your freedom, every American’s freedom, given her carte blanche to do whatever the hell she wants to you, yours, and our planet. Think about that — don’t be a fool!

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