Reality or Fantasy?

The holiday season is upon us.

Everyone will be scooting off far and wide, getting as far away as possible from the office to catch their breath and take a well-earned break.

…and soon enough, we will all return, with a bit more sun on our skin and a look of yearning for-the-time-that-all-too-soon-came-to-an-end in our eyes.

Back to reality — we say.

Holiday is our escapism. Holiday is fantasy.

Holiday is not reality.

This is a problem.

When I fantasise about my holidays, the image is usually pretty fuzzy. Blue skies, mountainous backdrop, temperature above average for northern Europe. This holiday is not of anywhere in particular. This holiday does not exist.

However, this holiday represents escape. Escape from my mundane life.

This thought is pretty screwed up.

  • I just totally belittled myself and all that comprises my existence
  • I just put myself in a holding pattern from which my only escape is a tiny window of opportunity that comes around every few months… if I’m lucky

Why spend the majority of my life waiting for a fantasy that does not exist?

I am risking everything by investing in a fantasy that cannot possibly live up to my imagination and its lofty expectations. I am risking losing out on reality. Honestly, I am risking my life.

Forget trying to escape reality; you deserve way more than that!

So instead, I challenge myself (and you) to choose reality. Disregard fantasy.

Let go of the word ‘holiday’. Embrace life.

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