Weight-Obsessed Kate On “This is Us” Is Not the Fat-Positive Role Model I Want, But Maybe That’s OK
Lesley Kinzel

My name is actually Kate and I am fat, not chubby, but fat. When I watch the show and I watch the scenes of Kate as a child and present day they are all so relatable. I was on my first diet in the fourth grade, I still dislike grapefruit! I dieted my way all the way up to my current weight. I have experienced the mean girls, the self-loathing, the why does he like me, what’s wrong with him? The having absolutely nothing to wear, the lack of confidence, not because I am not smart enough or good enough, I’m just not thin enough. When I watch Kate, inside I cheer, feel like they are finally showing what it is like to live life as a normal fat girl, Kate is not meant to be the side kick or the funny fat friend, she is just a part of a complex family. I look forward to her character development and I can’t wait to see where her and Toby wind up. I think that Kate has a lot of issues that revolve around her size, but I think that is true for many large women. I think the role is a fairly accurate portrayal for many women. I can’t wait to see the role develop further.

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