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Photo Courtesy of the Shepherd Project: “6 Questions Christians Should be Asking about the Vaccination Debate”

Writing that Surrounds the Vaccination Debate

by Kathryn Hurd

The highly stigmatized vaccination debate has been a persistent and ongoing scientific and medical battle that has recently been fueling widespread public terror; as new information and studies become more widely available, the scientific and medical fields have experienced an upheaval in questions deriving from the people’s curiosity surrounding the subject. This intensive curiosity is due in part to a controversial scientific paper published by Andrew Wakefield in 1998, which claimed that research had proven that vaccinations were directly tied to the development of autism in children. These astounding results spurred nation-wide fear, and subsequently, curiosity; because…

By Kathryn Hurd


Classicists, and specifically classicist writers, inhabit an academic field that permits an array of stylistic writing preferences and tendencies. These experts in ancient texts, poetry, art, architecture, and languages have the leisure of expressing their findings and analysis in a variety of forms that best suit their intellectual intentions and purposes. As an umbrella field — meaning that it encompasses a variety of aforementioned topics (languages, art, architecture, and even archeology) — classicists are not bound by the academic rules that many other writers in specific concentrations are forced to abide by. Yet, there are some common…

If you are like me, and don’t necessarily have the time or leisure to attend the best concerts that glitter our nation — Cochella, Outsidelands, Bonaroo, or whatever you like — there is an entirely new way to invest in a musical experience. My new solo^2 beat headphones contributed to that realization, and made it clear that some of the most outrageous concerts happen in the convenience of your own private space —inside your own mind! When placing these headphones on your head (preferably a selected color of choice to brighten your day (e.g. light blue, my favorite color)), you…

Kathryn Hurd

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