The Winding Path Away From Here

Do not be fooled by lies, or wealth or title
Nothing good has come from this man’s hands
They only topple what is built by others.

The semblance of respectability is a sham
Seeing beyond it is our responsibility
There is no refuge in denial or passivity
Innocence is ours to preserve or lose.

If you feel your anger diminishing
Just remember the penis he’s so proud of
and the places it has plundered and invaded.

This man is not what normal looks like.

Okay. We get it now. Donald Trump is not normal. It would have been better to have gotten it a year ago, but we didn’t. It’s hard to believe we missed it. The man has an appetite for attention so insatiable his credo might as well be The unpublicized life is not worth living. Everything’s covered, from his latest acquisition to the destruction he leaves in his wake like a trail of toxic breadcrumbs: the bankruptcies, the fraud investigations, the allegations of sexual assault — they’re all there. The problem was that…

Kathryn Waters

Irreverent Artist

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