What are Pocket Diapers?

Each year in the United States enough disposable diapers are used to fill up Yankee Stadium. That amounts to over 7 billion tons of dirty diapers in landfills and the environment. The average child will go through around 10,000 diapers before they are completely potty trained. If you take the average price of $20 a bag and calculate up the cost of over 250 bags of disposable diapers your baby will go through around $5,000 before your child is potty trained. You can see how cloth diapers may be a better choice for the environment and your wallet.

But cloth diapers are smelly and messy right? Well not any more they aren’t. A new product called pocket diapers take the mess and smell right out of the picture. Your baby is not exposed to dangerous materials used to manufacture disposables. Some of these materials include the same absorbent material used in the tampons which caused toxic shock syndrome. Instead baby is swaddled in natural materials which absorb waste and smell better than traditional cloth or disposable diapers.

A Natural Alternative

If you ever tried using cloth diapers you know that the diapers can leak and the plastic diaper covers don’t always catch the mess. Then there is the diaper pail, washing and drying, and finally folding of cloth diapers. But you can forget all about that hassle with pocket diapers.

Pocket diapers are actually a waterproof cover which has a pocket into which an ultra-absorbent cotton/bamboo liner is inserted. The liner can be washed and reused many times reducing waste and garbage in landfills. The bamboo and charcoal used in the liners naturally controls odor and bacteria. The soft microfleece diaper cover is gentle on baby’s skin and helps wick away moisture. The diaper covers can grow with your baby and fits children from infants up to 35 pounds.

Changing Baby’s Diaper is Easy

Changing baby’s diaper is as easy as unsnapping the diaper cover, removing the soiled liner, and replacing a clean one into the cover’s pocket. You can even get bio-clean liners which collect “number 2”, but let “number 1” through so that cleanup is even easier. The covers come in a wide variety of colors and patterns and come with a five layer bamboo cotton insert. You can also get a six layer bamboo/charcoal liner and a super soaker for overnight use.

Cotton/Bamboo Liner
Pocket Diaper Cover

With pocket diapers the only thing touching baby’s bottom is gentle cotton/bamboo fabric. There are no harsh chemicals or materials to irritate baby’s skin. The bamboo and charcoal used in the liners absorbs wetness and odor much more effectively than traditional cloth diapers or disposable diapers. If you have a child in diapers, or are expecting a child, look into pocket diapers. They are an economical, safe, and environmental alternative to disposable diapers.

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