Coffee & Me: A Turbulent Relationship

I took this photo. On April 10, in case you were wondering.

I drink a coffee. Every day. And always one made by someone else using professional equipment, in exchange for money or a stamp on a card.

I wasn’t always dependent on coffee to get me through the morning. It’s been a long relationship which got off to a pretty rocky start.

Our journey:

My teens
Instant coffee is disgusting.
Filter coffee is disgusting.

My 20s
[Living in Greece] Coffee is really disgusting. 
[Back in New Zealand]
I’ll try a single-shot latte with three sugars

My 30s
I’ll have a soy latte in a cereal bowl please with two sugars. 
(Yes, a cereal bowl. That’s what we did back then. Don’t ask me what the hell we were thinking.)

[Living in England] If you are going to be like this I’m just not interested.
[Back in New Zealand] A single shot trim latte one sugar thanks.

Late 30s & early 40s
You keep me awake at night, we’re breaking up.
I miss you. 
I’ll have a single shot flat white.

A regular flat white please.

If there is such a thing as peak coffee mediocrity then surely I’ve attained it. I am officially middle-aged and boring.

And I’m fine with that, as long as you don’t tell me first thing in the morning.