Little things.

It was just a collection of little things, that by themselves wouldn’t have been too annoying or overbearing. But it was for Maisie starting a new job and still travelling one and a half hours per day, it was living entirely on a couch with all her belongings packed away in the front room and it was having Leo sleep with Bailey.

She was lonely and stressed.

Bailey didn’t let up on her unhinged comments, her inability to cope with what school and life through at her. A housemate that had replaced Maisie was allergic to Leo which resulted in Bailey demanding after a long day of training and public transport that Maisie come and talk to her, not caring that Maisie had her own things going on or had tried to protect herself by advising that she actually had a headache and really needed sleep and of course because Maisie was living on their couch she had no choice but to get sucked into the vacuum of all-consuming drama.

Bailey demanded that Maisie back out of her plans to move, again Bailey felt she was being left in the lurch and all of this was Maisie fault because she had opted to move in the first place. Sobbing she advised again that she was contemplating suicide and that everyone was against her, stating that if anyone who actually cared about her was around she would be committed to a hospital for observation. Eventually realising she wasn’t drawing the emotional reaction she has required from Maisie, Bailey called her mum with Maisie in the room, the ensuing conversation was helpful to Maisie as she got to observe Bailey use her particular brand of emotional distress on someone else she was close too. This was a turning point for Maisie who realised she better start to trust her own intuition, the incredulity of these emotionally stressful statements, she started to realise that actually none of this was her fault and Bailey was being completely unfair.

Maisie knew for her own sanity she could not back out of her moving plans, She trusted that the boys she was moving in with would have a better environment for someone who although stressed tried to have a little bit of personal integrity, not trying to draw people into her own depression or anxiety, Plus they were letting her move with Leo, with a weeks worth of clothing to see if the cats got along. She had to trust that this change was for the better.