Tangier: Take Two

The view of the ocean from our hostel

This past weekend, my friends and I returned to Tangier! The weather is getting nicer here in Morocco- consistently in the 70’s up north, and now reaching the 80’s in Meknes. As such, we decided to stop in the seaside town of Asilah as we headed back from Tangier. We had a great time in both cities.

We took the train from Meknes to Tangier on Saturday morning. The ride was about five hours, so we opted for a first-class car. We ate a late lunch in the medina once we got into the city. We spent most of the afternoon shopping, and having moderate success haggling for our souvenirs. Of course, we had to visit the cafe in Cinema Rif. In my opinion, they serve the best (sweetest) mint tea in Morocco. Trust me, I’ve had a lot of tea during my time here!

Travelling by train

We stayed in an adorable hostel appropriately named, “the medina hostel”. Even though it’s in the middle of the old city (remember, winding streets and no signs) we were able to find it pretty easily. It had a beautiful terrace with a view of the port. It was also nice and close to the train station, only about a ten minute taxi ride away. After dropping off our goods at the hostel, we headed to the Tangier mall. It’s just like any other mall in the States, and I managed to accomplish my main objective of stocking up on makeup. After having dinner in (to my great joy) an Indian restaurant, we got ice cream and walked around Tangier. As it’s a bigger and more modern city, there were more people out late at night than one would find in Meknes.

Shopping in the Medina

On Sunday morning, we woke up and had a traditional Moroccan breakfast courtesy of our hostel. After getting ready for the day, we went back to the train station for a ride to Asilah. It’s half an hour away, and the ticket was only $1.60! We headed down to the beach immediately upon arrival.

Breakfast at the hostel. Not pictured: TEA

We weren’t planning on spending a long time in Asilah, so we stayed on the public beach. There are other, more secluded beaches that require a bit of a hike. Still, we had a chance to soak up the sun and swim in the cold ocean.

Beach time

Even though we had a short trip, it was nice to get away for a weekend. This weekend, I’m planning to relax and plan my travels for after the program. Our trip to the desert is also coming up! I’ve been looking forward to this excursion since the beginning of the semester, so I can’t wait. Until next time!