LOU-Home Spreading Awareness to Oxford Community

Affordable housing complex, Riverside Place, shutting down brings support from Oxford Community.

It has been a little over a month since the public housing complex, Riverside Place’s, contract with the city of Oxford ran out. Riverside Place shutting down has forced tenants to find a different place to live by the date of Feb. 27, 2017. With residents in a scramble to find housing, this has caused a crisis in the affordable housing situation in Oxford, MS.

Members of the Oxford community are speaking up and supporting the residents who are being affected by this crisis by coming up with opportunities to rebuild Riverside or create more affordable housing. Several informative events are taking place around Oxford to share more details about what is going on in the city. These events also allow the community to give their input and strategize a game plan for affordable housing.

Non-profit organization, LOU-Home, looking to provide affordable housing to the low-income population of the Lafayette-Oxford-University community has created various opportunities for the members of Oxford to come out and discuss helpful plans. LOU-Home has been advocating for affordable housing since 2006. On the organization’s Facebook page, a post that was posted on September 6 of 2016, encourages the Oxford community to attend the Board of Aldermen’s meeting to voice their concerns and support the proposed site plan LOU-Home wished to accomplish. That plan was unfortunately tossed aside when the Board of Aldermen decided to close down Riverside Place.

In response, LOU-Home has recently been trying to gain awareness throughout the community to spread the word of how we can come together to propose new plans and discuss how closing Riverside isn’t the only option. Different organizations around Oxford are showing support for the cause as well.

On March 2, Proud Larry’s hosted the “Ideas on Tap: What Happened to Affordable Housing?” forum which was sponsored by the Mississippi Humanities Council. This free event discussed the issue of affordable housing in Oxford and how gentrification is involved. Ideas on Tap is a happy hour program encouraged to promote conversation about important issues in a casual setting. Questions at the end of the event were welcomed. According to the Daily Mississippian Online, Kevin Frye, moderator of the event, stated “if residents want affordable housing needs to be addressed, residents need to voice their concerns at public meetings.”

Events like these help the community become aware of the problem and encourage the public to seek out ideas that can help contribute. If you’re looking to get involved and stay informed about what is happening in Oxford be sure to attend the Rebuilding Riverside: Strategies and Funding Opportunities event. This event was supposed to take place on April 6 but is rescheduled for Thursday, April 13 at the Ole Miss School of Law in Room 2086 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Attendance is encouraged if you would like to hear about how Riverside can be rebuilt or preserved!

Here is an official link to the LOU-Home Facebook page to stay updated on future events to get involved with: https://www.facebook.com/LouHomeInc/

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