How to use experiments to grow your social media following

Smiling person with smart phone.
Smiling person with smart phone.
Photo by Seyi Ariyo on Unsplash

We are at a point in technology where thousands, if not millions of data points, are available. In this era, marketing has become a series of experiments. Successful marketers set targets, hypothesize strategies to meet them, and add incremental experimentation onto tried-and-true tactics. Then they measure the results, tweak the inputs, and repeat the process.

Just like in a lab experiment, measuring inputs and outcomes in marketing experiments is extremely important. Before launching a strategy to grow your social media following, follow these steps to set up your own experiments:

Establish a baseline

Create a snapshot of where are you are before making any changes. …

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Image for post
Photo by Jeroen den Otter on Unsplash

The recent outcry around large publicly traded companies receiving SBA loans intended for small businesses has highlighted a problem with the definition of small business in the US: Small businesses are any businesses that aren’t huge. In fact, the SBA reports that 99.9% of US businesses are considered small. To put that in context, of the more than 30 million businesses in the US, only around 30,000 of them would not be considered small (more info on SBA size standards here). …


Kathryn Smith

Marketing Consultant and business owner. I write about small business, digital marketing, and underrepresented groups (not in that order).

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