Medium post #4

I read a piece called “The Fat,Ugly And Slutty” Future of women in Media. The post basically talked about how now in our day and age with such fast paced technology, we don’t see realistic women displayed in main stream media. But how a small cluster of women are creating a counter culture of sort and are attempting to plaster real women everywhere. This mentioned Amy Schumer and Tess Holliday who have stepped to the plate and put their “unperfected” bodies on display.

It also talked about how much media has changed the way women are presented from when he grew up and this cluster that is starting to turn the cycle into the right direction. He also touched on the fact that He grew up with only 3 or 4 shows and that women were presented in the same way in all of them. Just as a sex object or just a nice body to have your eyes on.

I hope that this counter culture that is slowly reaching the surface of main stream media will continue to work its way to a norm that we see. I can only see positive outcomes as that is how we feel based on the digital media that we consume at a crazy fast pace, which I don’t see slowing down any time soon.