Zero Dollar, Zero Dignity
Kitty Hannah Eden

Hi Kitty. I’m so sorry. I maintain appearances by buying from Goodwill. :) But, since I no longer have an appearance to maintain, I really don’t have to care what other’s think of me. My son is 40 and lives in another state, so I don’t worry that I’ll embarrass him. I am so happy that you have a wonderful husband, and have had such for five years now. Nevertheless, my heart goes out to you as you struggle just to survive depression, while at the same time you struggle to stay afloat financially. It is absolutely unfair that anyone is subject to this, and yet, almost everyone with a mental illness can expect it, if they are trying to have a life and family. And going commando? Me too! I wear long dresses and wow, does that feel good, especially in 97 degree temperatures with at least 60% humidity. (Florida). It also feels a bit naughty, which is fun at 61. lol.

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