I wonder if the artist and people who say stuff like this are genuinely ignorant of other people’s…
Michael Lorton

I dispute the “millions of perverts and weirdos.” I think the chance of a man dressing up as a woman to hang around in a bathroom to perpetuate a crime is unbelievably small. Further, were a crime to be done in a bathroom, then that person could be persecuted for said crime, regardless of their gender. If no crime is committed, then there is no issue. The idea that bathrooms are somehow unsafe without this law is without merit — there have been NO cases of transexual bathroom attacks that I know of. This law appears to be solving a problem which doesn’t exist. Keep in mind, men could dress up as women to hang around in bathrooms now, if that was how they rolled. If they were good at it, we’d never know. We’d just think they were another woman, using the bathroom.

Lets imagine for minute what this law would look like in action: A woman walks into the mens bathroom. Men freak out, or worse yet, harass that woman. The woman then says “Don’t worry, I’m a man.” ??? And then what? The woman is in a terribly unsafe situation. Either she is going to be asked to prove it (forced genital exposure? what does that even look like) or she is going to get beaten up, or she is going to be sexually harassed. So this is not acceptable.

And what about the transexual man? He will be in the situation of freaking out women in the women’s room who now see what they think is A MAN walking into the women’s room! Women aren’t going to ask the man questions — they are going to flee or report a man in the women’s room to the authorities. And then what? The authorities do a genital check? Ask for ID? This seems like insanity to me.

Keep in mind, anyone can walk into any bathroom now (witness the use of men’s bathrooms by women all the time in over crowded bathroom situations at sporting events.) The only way we can tell who is what gender is by how they choose to look — essentially how they choose to gender identify — we aren’t doing a genital check or demanding ID. So this law seems A) Unenforceable, B) Based in fear that has no crime data behind it.

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