Smart Marketers for Small Business: Q&A with the Women Entrepreneurs Behind MacLinDay

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In a new series for Fall 2017, I am speaking to women who are entrepreneurs, freelancers and independent business owners about why they’ve decided to forge their own career paths, and the benefits — as well as the challenges — that come with the territory. In today’s spotlight Q&A, I spoke to Sanarr McLaughlin and Alexis Day, owners of MacLinDay Marketing Consulting. Sanarr and Alexis launched their business in January 2016 to help small business owners with traditional and digital marketing, brand development, marketing strategy guidance, campaign planning and execution.

>> Read on for the lessons they’ve learned, the price that comes with the freedom of freelancing and why they recommend it to anyone diligent enough to try.

1. Was there anything initially that stood as a barrier to pursuing your consulting career choice as a full-time venture?

Sanarr McLaughlin

Sanarr: Life! I wanted to have consistent income and stability, and it wasn’t until I had back-to-back referrals that I felt comfortable taking the leap into consulting full-time.

2. What appeals to you most about the independence of operating your own business?

Alexis Day

Alexis: Being able to make our own schedule is arguably one of the biggest advantages of running your own business. I also think that — as small business owners — we understand the unique challenges that companies of our size face, which is why it’s so satisfying to work with other small business owners to bring their brands to life and jump start their marketing efforts the right way.

3. What are some challenges that you face as an independent business owner in terms of time, energy and resources?

Sanarr: Not having the resources of a large company to support various activities (IT, designers, copy writers, etc). We’re pulled in multiple directions at times and we have to multi-task often, which can sometimes feel counterproductive.

4. Why would you recommend pursuing a full-time freelance or independently owned business to others?

Alexis: The autonomy that comes with freelancing is liberating! We would recommend taking a step towards consulting to those who want to have greater control over their time and the kind of work they do.

Sanarr: I’d add that while that freelancing is not easy, it can be liberating and fun. You have to be organized, have strong client account management skills and love what you do!

5. Are there other areas of your life that benefit from your career choice?

Sanarr: Definitely. We’re able to spend more time with family and friends on a schedule that works well with our professional — and personal — lives.

6. How do your clients benefit from your business and service structure?

Alexis: We’re able to spend more time with each client to assess their needs and recommend a holistic approach to achieving their goals. Working with small business owners, 1 on 1, has allowed us to be more creative and innovative with our tactics and execution.

For more information on trends and insightful strategies that can help your business, follow this marketing duo on LinkedIn (Sanarr McLaughlin and Alexis Day) and follow their brand on Twitter: @MacLinDayATL.

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